Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little One

*There is a commercial where the dad emails his daughter on all of the big events in her life for her to enjoy when she was older.  I’ve always loved this idea and want our children to have similar keepsakes and to know how much they are loved.  Here’s our first letter to our little one.


Dear Little One,

We haven’t met yet, but we love you so much already.  We look forward to the day where we get to bring you home and love you.  We don’t know when we will get to meet, but we know that there is a special birth family who loves you as much as we do.  We know that you are meant to be in our family and we can’t wait to see you grow and change each and every day.  We started setting up your nursery yesterday and we can already see you there.  We just want you to know that we pray for you every single day and know we will get to hold you in our arms, soon.  Until then, you are always in our hearts and prayers!


Mommy and Daddy

(I'm not going to lie we both cried writing this)

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