Friday, July 26, 2013


So I began working on a massive genealogy project a little over a month ago.  A project that first began as a compilation of old family photos to share with our family via organized CDs became a massive project of compiling all photos for my entire family (siblings, parents, and in-laws).  My hope was to get everything scanned onto my hard drives and then also make CDs as back up.  So in the process, almost complete, my external hard drive got damaged.  Basically it was old and therefore unstable (lots of moving parts).  I lost EVERYTHING!  Every single photo we have ever taken in our 8 years of marriage (including our wedding photos) and all of the scanned ones that I spent weeks going through.  Luckily I have several photo albums, my blog, facebook, and other family photos.  Because of this, I've spent the last two weeks rebuilding each photo that I can, one by one.  In a great moment of miracles, my mother-in-law had a back up of our wedding photos.  Each and every one.  That's what I really cared about in the end.  I still have the memories associated with each photo and losing them doesn't change the relationships I have in my life, but my wedding photos were a big deal.  So, we've been gone for a long time and now you know why.  I've got at least several more weeks to go before I feel like I can move onto the next project.  And this time, I have TWO hard drives that I back up each night.  I hope this never happens again.