Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aunt and Uncle

I finally got our pictures restored and I’ve been dying to share some of the great photos we had lying around. 

The one thing you must know about Shane and I, is that we LOVE being an aunt and uncle.  We have nicknames from our nieces and nephews and love spending every minute we can with them when we get together. 
Between the two of us, there are seven nieces and nephews.  The really fun thing about our family is that every sibling with children has a girl first, followed by a boy. 
First we have K, from Brittnee’s side.  She is a 13 and full of spunk and attitude.  (Which teenager is not!)  When I was in high school, I remember bringing her along with me everywhere!  She would have been 2 and 3 so it made it very easy to tote her along.
When K was 2, she used to do Tae-Bo with Brittnee.  Grandpa renamed it K-Bo and every time Brittnee exercised, she was right there with her.
*The photo is from a scrapbook album as not every photo could be saved or reproduced.
Uncle Shane is the best Guitar Hero band-mate there is.  Whenever K and J visit, we get out the games.
K and Aunt Nee-Nee
Next is her brother J who is 11.  He likes to act shy and loves each of his uncles more than anything. 
 J and Aunt Nee-Nee at our wedding. 
J and Aunt Nee-Nee watching Dark Knight
Because there are so few boys, and on Brittnee's side, J was the only one until last month, J likes to be with his Uncles. 

Also on Brittnee’s side is A who is 4.  She is a spitfire and full of sarcasm at such a young age.  She is the cutest, funniest thing I have ever seen.  She is the spitting image of her parents!
A holding Uncle Shane's pinkie.
 Shane, Brittnee, and A
A and Aunt Brat (Brittnee's sister called her Brat when she was little.  So he is known as Aunt Brat to A.)
Shane and "Princess A"

On Shane’s side, the first niece is L who is 3.  She was actually born the day before A, one year later.  She is our red-headed character.  She has a great laugh and loves to dance.
L and Shane
L and Brittnee

Her little brother L followed quickly after and is 2.  He loves to carry around his little doggy stuffed animal and his personality is starting to shine.
Shane and L.  Check out that smile!

Also on Shane’s side is P who is almost 2.  She is the most shy but sweet little girl.  She doesn’t talk much, but loves to pose for a camera. 
Shane and P.  (P is very shy around boys, even her uncles, and it took a little while for her to warm up.  Of course only shortly after this photo)
Brittnee and P at the bowling alley, with Uncle Tyrel.
Lastly, on Brittnee’s side, we welcomed little C in July.  Because we haven’t yet met him and he’s too young for us to know what his qualities are, all I can say about him is that he is the spitting image of his momma!  If he’s anything like his sister A, his parents have their hands full.
We can’t get enough of these cuties and look forward to the many other nieces and nephews that might join the family.  We’ve loved having babies to hold, toddlers to color with, kids to play with, and teenagers to talk to!  While we wait to be parents, we can’t think of a better thing to do than to love on our nieces and nephews.

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